Envisat ASA WSS Interferometry with SNAP?

Dear all,

I am trying to use the Envisat ASA WSS products for large-area processing using the old Envisat products, but I am getting in troubles to reach my objective using SNAP.
Had any of you successfully processed interferograms using that data and SNAP? or NEST? @marpet @lveci , any clue?

I only could fine few papers in which they do this type of processing, such as: http://home.deib.polimi.it/monti/papers/scaninterf.pdf

Could any of you please provide me with the right workflow?


I tested the processing with ASA WSS data (over the Sahara) and didn’t succeed as well.
perpendicular baseline 140 meters, temporal baseline 35 days.

I applied ENVISAT Deburst, Orbit File and then DEM-based coregistration. Worked well so far.

But the interferogram (tested various configurations) doesn’t look correct and superimposed by horizontal stripes. Coherence might be alright

After extensive Multi-Looking, there is something like a pattern emerging, but still there are stripes

Thanks @ABraun, indeed the processing goes without error also for the tests I have done before writing the post, but the results look useless.

I will keep trying but surely there are needed the indications for reaching nice good results.

could it be that the perpendicular baseline is just too small? I didn’t find an image pair with baselines larger 15 meters.

Not necessarly like that. See image. Could you try to process over Sicily for 20100403 and 20100612 ?

I downloaded them but currently struggle at the coregistration step.

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Let me know. I am more than curious

did you achieve a good coregistration? The stripes make it quite difficult.

I do not like it much the fact that I, either I have done DEM-coregistration or standard coregistration for a single subswath SS1, the slave seemed few pixels shifted.

same here :frowning: