Error in SNAP 7.0

Goodmoring, I’m trying to update SNAP v 7.0, but during the update research i get this error message: “Check your network connection, verify that your proxy settings are configured correctly, or try again later.” How can I solve it?
Thank you in advance.

You could, as first try, just wait some time. Maybe it will work in an hour or tomorrow. Could be that the update server had a little issue.
But it works for me right now.
Another reason could be the network configuration. Maybe you need to talk with your IT-admin.

Thank you for the answere. I have this issue sisnce I installed SNAP 4 days ago. Every other programs works fine with their updates, this is the only one that give me trouble.

Mmmh :thinking: okay.
But we are actually doing nothing special. It is just simple HTTP access.

You could try to download the updates manually.
There are browser extensions to download multiple files from one page, like DownThemAll!.
After downloading them you could install the plugins.