Error in StaMPS Phase unwrapping stamps(6,6)

If anyone would like to help me, it would be greatly appreciated.
When I run stamps(6,6), the following error appears:

I tried the following things:

(1) Bigger subset area

(2) Set the ‘unwrap_gold_n_win’ parameter from 32 to 16

(3) Set the ‘unwrap_grid_size’ parameter from 200 to 150

But it does not work.

did you install snaphu correctly?

you can check by typing snaphu in the command line (not in matlab)

would you mind tell me how to install snaphu?

When i typing “snaphu” in the command line ,Display as follows:

you need snaphu and triangle as external packages to complete the StaMPS processing.
Please check the points 2.1 and 2.2 of this documentation:

Thank you for your reply. I just installed snaphu and trian, but it still doesn’t work.

did you also change the StaMPS_CONFIG file?
After that, you have to source this file again and probably also restart matlab before you can continue

Yes, I changed StaMPS_CONFIG, reopened matlab, and then re-run mt_prep_gamma, stamps(1,7), but the same error still appears when I run step6.

Did you check if snaphu runs correctly?

Would you mind telling me how to check it? I am a beginner and I am not very familiar with this.

as I said above:

If snaphu was installed correctly and you have sourced the StaMPS_CONFIG file correctly, you should get this after typing snaphu

Triangle is also required, you can check by typing triangle

Dear ABraun,thanks for your help.I have successfully installed snaphu and triangle now, check correct. and would you mind tell me what is " sourced the StaMPS_CONFIG file",I am a little confused, would you mind tell me some details.

before you can run all scripts, you have to modify and source StaMPS_CONFIG as described here: point 2.2