Error in staMPS Step(4,4) Error using fgets,Error in ps_weed ,Error in stamps

sir, I am facing the problem in staMPS matlab, please help or give a hint…what should I do? [The stamps version I am using is the latest one StaMPS/MTI Version 4.0b6, Beta version, Jun 2018]…

Are you using TRAIN software?

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As per my knowledge TRAIN software is optional for PS-InSAR. Better @ABraun and others will provide a better idea.

Are you getting any errors while processing the stamps?

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yes sir…the same error that I posted in the first question…stamps(4,4) step…

Error using fgets
Invalid file identifier. Use fopen to generate a valid file identifier.

Error in fgetl (line 32)
[tline,lt] = fgets(fid);

Error in ps_weed (line 319)

Error in stamps (line 387)
thanks in advance…

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