Error- input should be single look complex SLC product

i am trying to create an INSAR product but i am getting this error “input should be single look complex SLC product”

i am new to this can anyone help me with what i am doing wrong and how i can correct it

plz let me know if more details are needed

Please provide more information:

  • What data are you using (Sensor, product, date)?
  • Which steps did you already undertake in SNAP?
  • What InSAR product are you aiming at?

1)i am using sentinel 1 data

2)i have created subset of target location and performed coregistration

3)i am planning to perform DInSAR

SAR interferometry requires the complex information of the backscattered radar signal.
GRDH products no longer contain this complex information. You will have to download the SLC products.

Please have a look at the interferometry tutorial first:

About the naming conventions of SAR products, please see also here:

thank you for your help

i am trying to perform the tutorial you have mentioned above but when i am trying to deburst i am getting operation error “the specified region if not null must intersect with the image’s bound .” i made a subset before the deburst step as i am getting java heap error other wise . can you plz tell me what i am doing wrong or how to correct it .

data used


I don’t think that subsetting a S-1 IW SLC is even possible - my understanding is that it should give you an error instead(?). You can work with one subswath only by applying TOPS Split first, this will save you memory.

Hi mengdahl,

Cannot I use both multilooked corregistration images and interfergrams to export to stamps? when I did it, I also got the must put in SLC products error. I tried to use mt_prep_snap too. Seems there’s no multi look option which means I would spend much time doing error estimation in stamps. Could you please tell me which step I can do multilook?

Hello ABraun,

the link you provided does not work anymore. Would it be able to replace it?

I received the same error upon performing the Interferogram Formation, however I am working with SLC products. I have 14 images processed into a coregistrated stack (Radar → Coregistration → Coregistration). What would be the error in my case?

The products have been preprocessed before formation of the stack as follows:


This would be an intermediate step for the creation of a coherence time-series.

Thank you.

That’s a valid processing-chain for intensity images, not fo InSAR. Please study the relevant tutorials that deal with S-1 InSAR co-registration and interferogram/coherence imagery generation.

You can find all updated tutorials including TOPS interferometry here: Tutorials – STEP