Error! No appropriate product reader found while opening Sentinel 1 zip-SNAP Unix

Hi all,
I am using SNAP unix in a Linux server. I can’t open sentinel 1 images from the open product option. I tried removing and reinstalling, still gives the following error. While opening a .SAFE file after unzipping the images open I can run the process. But like as in windows I am not able to open the .zip format. Also the worldview is shown as black. Internet is working fine
Kindly help.
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Anyone please reply

What have you used to unzip the data? Sometimes it was reported changing to another uncompression application helped. But in most cases this happened on Windows, e.g.:

Regarding Worlview, do you use a VM? It could also help if you update the Graphic card drivers.
Please check this post:

Can’t the product be opened without unzipping? I tried cleaning cache. But i don’t think that would require because i just installed the snap. Actually I am running snap in a Linux server. Please advice

seems strange. You should be able to open the zip files directly unless the Sentinel-1 reader is missing. If you go to File -> Import -> SAR sensors in the menu, do you find the Sentinel-1 reader? Click on it and find your Sentinel-1 zip product. Does this open the product?

sentinel-1 reader is there but Still says the same thing :(:frowning_face: