ERS ETNA DEM Generation Tutorial

The ERS ETNA DEM Generation is still reliable?

The overall workflow is still valid, but a few things have changed in SNAP since then:

  1. Menu structure: Most tools are now at different locations but you can search them in the upper right corner
  2. Orbit files are now downloaded automatically into a predefined folder, no need to set the directory
  3. Automatic coregistration is now simple “coregistration”
  4. Coherence and inteferogram are now computed within one step (interferogram generation)
  5. Phase filtering is now found under Goldstein phase filtering
  6. Recomputation of the phase is probably no longer necessary after Multi-Looking
  7. Application of color schemes is mostly done automatically
  8. Unwrapping is easier: Export, run snaphu, import (no graphs required any longer)
    9 . Instead of phase to height I would recommend phase to elevation using SRTM 1Sec

For the point 3 fo your list, I must use Coregistration>S1 TOPS Coregistration> S1 Back Geocoding and after this process “S1 Enhanced Spectral Diversity”?

For the point 2 I’ve used “Apply Orbit File

ERS doesn’t need any of the S1 TOPS tools because it is acquired in stripmap mode.

Thank you, I thought that this procedure is correct both for ERS and Sentinel 1, but I was wrong.