Esa snap in parallel desktop

Hi all
I’m using Parallel Desktop in my Macbook Catalina to install and launch ESA SNAP but it takes time to process and usually just freezes. I tried installing in OSX but same problem occurs.
Hope you can help me
Thank you

Can you tell a bit more about the problem. What kind of processing are you doing? How long have you run the process till considering it as frozen? See also the FAQ section which information is helpful.

ESA SNAP is already installed in my parallel desktop. However if I tried to do a flood validation using Sentinel 2 data/perform certain operation, it keeps on loading and not give me any result. I also tried to install it in my osx, same problem occurs.

Okay, I thought you were using CHRIS Tools, because you added your post in the CHRIS category.

Still with the current problem description we can’t help much. It works for others.
Maybe someone have seen similar behaviour and can help.