Export spectra from spectrum View


I observe problems exporting spectra to file from the spectrum view.

  1. I open a product and the spectrum view. Spectra at selected pins are displayed correctly, but exporting results in NaN-values for the 60m bands. (after resampling to 20 m values are exported even for the 60m bands)

  2. Resampling the product to 60 m resolution and exporting “spectra for all pins” results in NaN for all values.

  3. Selecting all pins in the pin manager manually and exporting “spectra for selected pins” results in complete spectra with numbers at all bands.

There seems to be anything wrong with the export option.

spectra-for-selected-pins-native-resolutiion.csv (240 Bytes)
spectra-for-all-pins-resampled-to-60m.csv (530 Bytes)
spectra-for-selected-pins-resampled-to-60m.csv (1.2 KB)


Thanks for letting us know. We will investigate this strange behaviour.
It is tracked now in our issue tracker.

Hallo marpet,

thank you for reporting this problem in the SNAP isssue tracker. The problem is only partly solved until now. Now exporting ‘spectra for all pins’ and ‘exporting spectra for selected pins’ gives identical results. However, I get only values for the 10 m bands, all other bands are exported as NaN.

I opened a product which results in each band loaded in its native spatial resolution. I like to get the original pixel reflectance for each band without interpolation during spatial resampling. This means, I like to get different values for the 10 m bands at each pin resp. at each pixel if the pins are arranged at adjacent 10m pixels. Then I should get for each 4 pins on the 10 m band pixel position the same value at the 20 m band and so on for the 60m.
I can load all bands and using the pixel info for manually writing down these values, but this is very time consuming. Therefore the issue has more than minor priority for me.


Yes, you’re right. It is more than just a minor bug. I’ve increased the priority now.

Is this issue solved? Because I am still facing this NaN problem when exporting my spectral signatures to .csv.

Hi, facing the same issue as well, any answer ?

Is your SNAP up to date? I am not facing this NaN problem anymore.

I m still facing the issue, but I ve solved it by extracting pixels and using the pin manager tools