Time Series from Multiple Pins


I’ve been having an issue using the pins as a source for my time series analysis of Sentinel 2 NDVI. I’ve done the following steps:

  1. Downloaded Sentinel 2 data and processed with sen2cor
  2. Used Band Maths to process NDVI data as .dim files (metadata is still intact)
  3. Imported files into time series tool in the settings screen
  4. Imported pins as .txt file on the pin manager
  5. Opened band on the product explorer

It seems that the “show at cursor position” does work, but I need the pins to work. Exporting the data gives me a table with all 0.0 or NaN values.

I know some people have run into this issue but I haven’t been able to find any solution that solves the issue for me. Any help on this would be appreciated.

And if there is no current solution to this issue, any advice on other ways to produce a temporal analysis would be greatly appreciated (google earth engine, or python would be good for me). Haven’t found very much on Sentinel 2, mostly on Landsat data which I’m not planning on using.

Many thanks,

Did you update your SNAP?

Did you take a look at this post?,

Use pins to export pixel values, Source of the post

And the oldest one ? exporting results in NaN-values

Source of the post

Might be you could resample your image to one resolution for example 20 m. could solve the issue,

Thanks for your help!

I managed to do the pixel value export with the pins without any problems, a lot smoother than the time series tool.