Export the positon information of each pixel

Dear Marco,

sorry to disturb you again.
I have one more questions: Could SNAP export the positon information (including the pixel coordinate and the correspoinding latitude/longitude information) of each pixel in one imagery?

I can copy the information pixel by pixel, like this:
Product: S1A_IW_GRDH_1SDV_20170211T102713_20170211T102738_015235_018F3E_A8C0

Image-X: 509 pixel
Image-Y: 2264 pixel
Longitude: 112°36’51" E degree
Latitude: 29°27’15" N degree

BandName Value Unit
Amplitude_VH: 95 amplitude
Intensity_VH: 9025.00000 intensity
Amplitude_VV: 441 amplitude
Intensity_VV: 194481.00000 intensity

latitude: 29.454199 deg
longitude: 112.61416 deg
incident_angle: 31.03606 deg
elevation_angle: 27.684595 deg
slant_range_time: 5349644.0 ns

But I cannot export the information of the whole imagery.
Or could you tell me how to transform the latitude/longitude information into pixel coordinate?

Please you help me.

Thank you

Hi Juanping,

I’ve moved this question into a separate thread because it covers a different topic.

You can define a mask to do this. This mask can be drawn to cover just your region of interest or you define by using an expression. The expression would be simply ‘true’, to indicate that each pixel shall be included in the mask.

Afterwards, you can right click in the image and select ‘Export Mask Pixels’.
Sometimes this option appears disabled. Then just change or close the view and reopen it. It is a known bug.