Export to ENVI failing

Hi guys,

I am trying to export to ENVI an resampled L2A product, but the process completes only to 60% or so, and then it disappears.
When I check the folder selected for export, I can only notice a folder called product_name.data and inside of it there is a ‘vector_data’ folder and 4 files (2 .hdr and 2 .img).
I know that I should be expecting a single product_name.hdr file. Isn’t this correct?
Also when I want to open the original file in ENVI it tells that is not a valid Sentinel 2 product, but in SNAP it runs perfectly.

Anyone encountered this?

the folder.data and the folder.dim file are SNAPs internal BEAM DIMAP format. They consist of a header file (.dim) and a folder which contains the rasters in ENVI format (.img and *.hdr)

As these are probably the original files I think your export didn’t produce any result yet.
According to the format description it doesn’t have a file size limit.

Is your original product stacked?

You could try using GDAL to convert it to ENVI format:
gdal_merge.py -o outfile.img -of ENVI -separate infile1.img infile2.img infile3.img

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I have L2A granule from a product scene. What means to ‘be stacked’?
Thanks for suggestion…but I just don’t understand this:
Exporting to ENVI generates a whole folder full with a pair of .hdr and .img file for every band and other files.

This is the normal process? from those files I have to combine the bands with gdal_merge into a single .img?

A layer stack is a number of rasters (in the case of satellite data often as different wavelengths: red, green, blue, infra-red…) combined in one file.

But I get your point now. The ENVI export does not generate a stack but only a folder with single layers.
I’m not sure if this is a bug common for for ENVI rasters. I currently don’t have a license to check.

I see… well hope to sort it out somehow.
Thanks anyway.

Instead of exporting to BEAM-DIMAP you can directly export to ENVI. For each band there will be a pair of .hdr/.img.

But actually the files in the product_name.data directory should work to.

There is not a single file for one product but for each band.
You can load all into ENVI and work with them. There should be no need to merge them beforehand.

I wasn’t exporting to beam-dimap, but to envi.
It’s just sad that snap can’t generate a header for all the files. I was looking for a solution to that, maybe was something that I was missing.
Thanks anyway.

hello all. . .

I want to need Radiance Mult Band and Radiance Add Band data on Sentinel -2A metadata for me though using ENVI software, but I did not find it in sentinel-2A metadata. So I can use what kind of data in metadata ???

What do you understand by “Radiance Mult Band and Radiance Add Band”?
In S2 data there are only TOA reflectance bands available which are stored as DN values which need to be multiplied with the QUANTIFICATION value which can be found in the metadata. It’s value is always 10000.