Exporting sentinel 1 band to Geotiff

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Dear sir

I have classified the S1A data using RF classification and export in geotiff . When i open this image in Arcgis it does not show the classess it give only range please help me.

first, you don’t need to export to GeoTiff, simply open the img files in the data folder in ArcMap.

To have the classes displayed in ArcMap, change the styling from “stretched” to “discrete color” in the raster properties.

Dear Sir

When i tried to open the exported image in Arcgis than i got an error i.e. failed to create raster layer.

what error do you receive?

" Failed to create raster"

you selected the *.img file?

No, its TIFF file.

I would like to underline that you don’t need to write a Tiff but stick to the Beam DIMAP format and open the img file in ArcMap.


I have a question related to this topic. I have a Sentinel-1 GRD product that I pre-processed in SNAP and it contains a few different bands that I would like to open in Erdas Imagine. I am able to open the bands in ArcGIS as .img files without any problem. Yet when I try and open the bands as .img files in Erdas Imagine I receive an error message saying ‘the raster file has no layers’. After pre-processing in SNAP, are there any additional steps I should have taken in order to prepare my bands to be opened in Erdas Imagine?

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I can confirm that, strangely, the BEAM DIMAP format is not well compatible with ERDAS Imagine.
My work-around was exporting it separately into GeoTiff files but I also would be interested in a more straightforward solution.

Thank you for the clarification, that’s very helpful.

hope you find the way to open SAR data from MATLAB. i also need help on this issues. kindly suggest me the solution how to do open and processing on matlab?

Have you seen this? export from SNAP in geotif and open with best projection in MATLAB

Maybe also here: https://eo-college.org/resource/focusing-matlab/