External DEM - Not continuous topographic phase

Studying ice-shelves in Antarctica, I have to use an external DEM, in particular the “famous” Bedmap2" ( which contains geotiff surface elevation files) to perform Differential Interferometry.

When using the Topographic Phase Removal, I encounter “no issue” but looking at the files, i observe that the topographic phase is computed only a regular grid with strange triangle-shapes.

I don’t really understand what I did wrong.

I’m not sure, but is your DEM in WGS84 projection?

Yes it is :slight_smile:
You can see below an intensity image (left) and the “topo phase” (right)

I have had this artefacts before, but not that severe and I can’t remember how I fixed it…

Damn it. If by chance, you remember, think about me :wink: