Extract Sentinel-1 Footprint


I am looking for the S1 footprint coordinates. I know there is the map-overlay.kmz in the preview folder but I am interested on the coordinates only. I have found them in the manifest.safe file in:

<safe:footPrint srsName="http://www.opengis.net/gml/srs/epsg.xml#4326">
            <gml:coordinates>52.699196,9.697164 53.113747,13.574771 51.619194,13.952003 51.207321,10.201393</gml:coordinates>

Can someone confirm this is the proper way to get that information?


This one is for SLC dats, but maybe you can adapt it according to your needs: Python S1-TOPS-SPLIT Analyzer

@ABraun, thanks it gave me the hint to retrieve it autamatically in python! Actually, very nice tool will definetly have a deeper look

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