face problem when i do reprojection on image

Could you give us some more details? What kind of process have you applied to the S2 image? In which projection do you need the data?

Dear @samina,
There are some FAQ guidelines that should be read before posting.
“List the exact processing steps needed to recreate the issue” is one of them.

Regarding your error, from the partial error message of your attached screenshot, it seems that the error is “Unable to read file”.
The full path of this file is unfortunatelly not visible in your screenshot, but it seems related with a subset.
Can you check if the mentioned file exists?
Maybe there was an error before the reprojection, in a previous step of your processing.


Are there spaces in the names of files or directories? Some software does not handle spaces or “look alike” Unicode invisible spaces or non-breaking spaces and characters that look like dashes, etc. in filenames. Screen captures often cut off text so it is generally better to provide details in forum posts by pasting text into your post.

In a terminal please check that the file is found using the “dir” command, e.g.:

C:/> dir \Users\silicon computers\Downloads\...