First SAOCOM image published

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The CONAE published the first SAOCOM image. Reminder, SAOCOM is a full polarimetric L-Band Stripmap/Topsar sensor at decameter resolution.

Here is a subset :

I rememember from @lveci that support will arrive. Do you have any dates ?

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It is always good if users send requests for data product support in SNAP also to the satellite operator, in this case CONAE.

Thanks for the answer.

I am not exactly sure to understand. You mean that I should request it directly to CONAE ? Because reading @lveci’s answer, I have the feeling that it may lead to two parallel developments of the exact same functionality for the exact same software.

To clarify, ESA is responsible for SNAP development and supporting our own SAR sensors is our 1st priority. We add support for 3rd party sensors based on priorities and number of potential users. As SNAP is open source 3rd parties are free to donate readers for their sensors in order to support for their users. This happened already with NovaSAR (thank you Airbus!).

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Thanks for the info.

From my point of view and if I am allowed two share my two cents, I would say that even if ESA sensors should clearly be the top 1 priority, giving the tools that enables users to use others sensors is also beneficial for the Sentinels, because the sensors are not competing each other but rather complete themselves quite well. The situation is however inversed when looking at RS softwares.

Sentinel-1 is not and will never be a full quadpol L-band SAR. Giving the tools to use SAOCOM directly at launch encourages users to use SNAP, because it will allow them to mix so many sensors all-together.

But again, this is my two cents on the subject :slight_smile:

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RCM, RISAT, PAZ will be available in SNAP 7 released in May.
SAOCOM will likely not be available since I haven’t yet seen any sample data. If anyone has access to some data please send it my way if possible.


Any news regarding SAOCOM processing using SNAP?

Getting access to SAOCOM data is a pain. Even if SNAP is one day able to read and process SAOCOM data, for which people may it be useful ?

The SAOCOM 1-A satellite was developed by CONAE (Comision Nacional de Actividades Espaciales) in partnership with Belgium and Italy.

Well…also ALOS PALSAR2 is not so easy to get data, so as alternative… SAOCOM works also in L-band, so for studying phenomena with InSAR I believe that SAOCOM could help in very vegetated areas, such as volcanoes, landslides in montains… etc

I believe that all data is always useful… but being used with the right tools. That is why I was curious where SNAP stands and which plans have regarding processing SAOCOM data.


We’ve been waiting for ever to get some SAOCOM data. Now apparently we still have to wait for some NDA legal process just for sample data. As soon as that is out of the way we’ll be able to add support in SNAP for SAOCOM. It shouldn’t be this hard.


In this website you can download sample data:

Can this help ?
Please let me know.


There’s a tutorial for reading in images in SNAP, but no processing except collocation.

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Indeed. That’s why I am curious…as only collocation is not exploiting all the processing capabilities of neither SNAP nor the SAOCOM data


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Hi. I very quickly translated the document in english using google translate. If spanish is a problem for some people (like me), it may be useful

SAOCOM. how to read in snap.pdf (286.7 KB)

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Hi @Iveci. SNAP 7.0 can read RCM, PAZ, and Kompsat-5.
But any news for SAOCOM-1?? Dates?
Thank’s a lots

It should be available in SNAP 8.0 around January


Anyone knows which is the data politics of SAOCOM? If is Free and Open like Sentinel-1 or somelike…

No. Last time I heard people in conference session was in Living Planet Symposium 2019 so maybe things changed but we are more or less in the access politics of COSMO-SKYMED.

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I’ve got some SLC SAOCOM images since I requested them to CONAE as part of a project, where I intend to do interferometry. The tutorials in CONAE website are not useful for SLC images, my SNAP version is 7.0 and I cannot open them, is there a newer version?

As far as I understood it is/was planned the version 8 by the end of this month.

Are there any news? @mengdahl ? @marpet ?