First time install SNAP 6.0, installer said it detects some old data

So I started installing Snap for the first time and immediately I have problem before it even installs. Namely this happens:

This is my first time I install the software in question…ever! So I’m thinking here what exactly is it going to delete and will my system work after this?

Are you sure that it is the first time you install SNAP?
The installer checks if certain directories exist and then shows this dialog.
The directories in question are
That’s the SNAP-internal directory
That’s the one with the user data.

like 100% sure.
Using my own, self built PC for this… built it with processing of 3D-printing files in mind but now I joined a hackathon where i have to figure out how to use satellite data for stuff.

well, I removed all and it seems to have installed just fine. works nicely too :stuck_out_tongue:

First time i hear about that service.
But concerning your problem the volume really doesn’t matter. Only complexity of geometry and frequency of your projects. A good pc can be built to handle these projects for under 2k€ :wink: