For preprocessing the SENTINEL 1 data, is the products should be subset

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I’m doing RVI for time series images,in that I need to apply 4(sigma_0 VH)/(sigma_0 VV+sigma_0 VH).In this process I need to do preprocess the entire images, but I’m not getting the any results, it shows like not able to write product file…

Here I didn’t subset the image, is it problem here or anything else how can I rectify it, and also could you please suggest me the process for RVI.
many thanks in advance.

could it be that the path is too long or your disk is full? Also try to avoid spaces in your path name.
You can check if these points have an effect by selecting C:\temp as the output directory and re-run.

thank you for your quick response ABraun, now it is going on…

I have discussed one formula in the above to get the RVI, sir is it enough or any other need for getting the RVI.

many thanks in advance.

Take a look on the following link to calculating RVI:

thank you Samira.h for your valuable information.
I will go through that.

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