Free and Open RADARSAT-1

The Canadian Space Agency CSA is planning to make all of RADARSAT-1 freely available. However, they don’t know how much of demand there is for single pol data from 1995-2013. If you’re interested in the data please let them know so they can fund it.

Free historic data from Landsat has created various innovations and research. It would be great to spark similar innovations with historic SAR data.



That link is quite a generic contacts page. Is there any specific page to react to this idea? I think this would be a great initiative.


Hi Luis

Excellent !!! I sended my interest about this data!!! :wink:

is there any news on this?

Till now not… that I know!!! :disappointed_relieved:

the data was officially released on 01.04.2019 and can be downloaded upon registration here:

Press release: Open data: over 36,000 historical RADARSAT-1 satellite images of the Earth now available to the public

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Which product type in RADARSAT-1 corresponding to the S1- SLC level-1, could be processed directly?


I did search in many places, SLC is not available as it is described in the table, (Any idea),

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I’m, having the same issue. All I could find are the SGF format images in the open catalogue and RAW formats in the RAW catalogue which are not open access. I downloaded the SGF data which appears as below, but I can’t manage to import it into snap using the RADARSAT1 import tool.

if you extract the downloaded zip file, you find a corresponding 001 file inside the folder. This is recognized by the Radarsat-1 import

The Radarsat-1 reader should be able to open the zip files directly or by selecting the volume file in the unzipped folder.

The file names are different in what I downloaded. Maybe we’re looking at different products. This is the metadata for what I downloaded.


As I posted earlier here, the SLC is not available in many places of my search, SGF is other product,

It looks like for RCM they aren’t going to be releasing SLC products, so maybe it’s the same for RADARSAT1 data

For RCM, I think this may only be the case until they replace the archaic Remove Sensing Act (RSSA) which prevents distribution of phase data for the benefit of the vendor. Otherwise the data would be useless to anyone except DND for ship tracking. This year is an election year so who knows when this will happen.


Hi, falahfakhri! and @ABraun, @lveci

I want to do InSAR analysis using RADARSAT-1 data. Fortunately, in ( I see some available data for my AOI. However, in (, there are no results found.

I just want to ask what Product Type and Beam Mode should I use when using RADARSAT-1 data for InSAR analysis should I get permission to use these from the appropriate agency?

Thank you.

InSAR requires complex data which is only stored in SLC products. Unfortunately, the current EODMS only hosts SGF products.

Furthermore, not all Radarsat-1 products are within the archive, many over Europe and Asia are missing somehow. I searched a lot for an explanation but couldn’t find one.

So this means, I can not use Level 0 nor Level 1 RADARSAT-1 data for InSAR analysis.

Is it possible to request from the User Support Office through ( the SLC products if they are available for my AOI? Is there a high possibility that USO grants the request?

If there is low possibility that I can get the RADARSAT-1 SLC data from USO, do you know where I can download ERS-2 SLC products?

RADARSAT-1 and ERS-2 are the only satellite missions that were operated for the period of interest (year 2000).

Thank you.

I don’t know much about their user support or policies, sorry.

Technically, you could download the Level 0 product and make SLC data out of it, but you cannot do this in SNAP, because it doesn’t feature handling of raw data.

ERS SLC data can be accessed via ESA after registration: