Geometric correction of Sentinel-1 data using PolSARpro

Hi all
I have a problem concerning the geometric correction of the terrain of the C2 matrix which is extracted from Sentinel-1 data under PolSARpro, if anyone has an idea on this thing, please share it and thanks in advance

Please describe your problem.

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I have no idea how I will fill this field

inside the folder of your C2 matrix, there is a file metadata.xml which was created by PolSARpro


if I select this for S1 products, the geocoding of C2 matrix works

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I tried to do this But they said that this file is not compatible, ok thank you Mr Braun, I will try another time and I answer you

have you correctly extracted the C2 matrix?

good evening mr Braun
I want to know if it is possible to import geo-referenced C2 data already in SNAP in PolSARpro, because my final objective is to extract some polarimetric parameters, and not geo-referencing

This does not work so well. Have you seen the polarimeric tools in SNAP?

Ah yes I understood the environment of SNAP, concerning the polarimetry PolSARpro is richer than SNAP, So Mr Braun is it you can share with me a tutorial how to make the ground correction in PolSARpro, thank you in advance Mr Braun

These were the steps I undertook to geocode it.

  1. Extract the S1 zip file
  2. Set the folder as working environment
  3. Select Sentinel-1 unzipped in the Import menu
  4. Extract the data (I used 4x4 multi-looking to save time for testing)
  5. Convert S2 to C2
  6. Run the Geocoding of the C2 matrix

It is important that the connection between PolSARpro and SNAP is correctly configured.


Please see the instructions here: Help installing PolSARpro software step by step on detailed on the windows 7 system

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Really thank you very much Mr Braun for your effort that you made, I will try to work through the steps that you give, and I answer you :slightly_smiling_face: