Graph Builder for InSAR processing

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I would like to do InSAR processing with twenty Sentinel-1 images automatically to provide the results for entering Stamps for time series processing. I think that it can be done by Graph Builder in SNAP. Could anybody have a material or tutorial to do that?

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Do you want to do it yourself or to use something done?
If you opted for the second option, please check : Snap2stamps package: a free tool to automate the SNAP-StaMPS Workflow
It should work fine for Windows and Linux distros, you only need to have python 2.7 with the libpath package and SNAP installed on the system

There are also other options in the forum to do the job, so you can check other threads as well where people already faced the same situation as you do now.

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Thank you so much. Exactly, I would like to use this package to do my InSAR processing with the connection of SNAP and StaMPS. Can I work with this package easily? Does this package work with mode in Linux?

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Sure! Tested in both Ubuntu 16 and CentOS 7, and there are already more than 300 downloads from users.
I suggest you to have a look at the user manual so you learn easily how to use it.


Thank you so much. It is very interesting for my group. I am reading the user manual. This package will be use in more than 4 projects and 5 researches of our team.

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Excuse me, I read the future modifications of user manual and I saw that this package doesn’t support the processing of integration 2 sub-swath of sentinel image. Is it correct? Because most of my study areas are between two sub-swath and I must merge two sub-swath to create the InSAR results.

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Well… you can process two subswaths independently and decide whether to merge them before the exporting with the StaMPS export module.

You can also process 2 subswaths independently and merge them within StaMPS (making a trick on Step 5) or after.

Still… new version will be coming in next weeks/months
I hope this helps.

In your suggested procedure, Can I use your package or I must use the SNAP and InSAR processing as usual?

Is it possible for me to have contact from you?

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The snap2stamps package are python wrappers which performes the InSAR processing using SNAP.
You need to set up a configuration file (in the manual called project.conf) from which the scripts get the necessary information to do all the processing. You need only to launch the differents steps as describe on the user manual.

You can also write me private emails using this forum, so lets say that using the step forum you already got how to contact me.

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