Graph xml Reader issue with GPT

I’ trying to run xml file with GPT but I get a warning message about
the “reader” operator. Please see the attached file. Also see the xml file. sentinel_Biophisical_NDVI_Tynisia_v9.xml (10.6 KB)

Please try to extract the S2 product first.

I extract the S2 and I have tried to run the “MTD_MSIL2A.xml” file, but with no luck.
Please see the xml file.
sentinel_Biophisical_NDVI_Tynisia_v9.xml (10.7 KB)

wow, that is one huge graph…

Have you considered splitting it into smaller parts? Graphs of this size are not very memory efficient and alsp prone to errors.

I also suggest to use the S2Resampling operator instead of the “classic” one. You can add it to the Graph under Add > Optical > Geometric

Dear Abraun, thanks for the tips.
I managed to run the graph (even if I don’t understand why the connection sometimes - in subset- is lost).
Nevertheless, I think I should learn to work with gpt.
Thanks again for your time!

The S2Resampling operator has some issues when being used within the gpt GUI. But it works well with gpt at the command line interface.