How can I open L2A results produced by sen2cor-2.5.5 in SNAP_6.0?

Hi, all
I had used sen2cor-2.5.5 software to preprocess S2B_MSIL1C product for atmospheric correction. And the results referred to L2A were successful. However, when I opened the results “MTD_MSIL2A.xml” in SANP_6.0, an error came up that the file couldn’t be open. The error is “no valid tiles associated to product [MTD_MSIL2A.xml]”. How can I open it? Thanks!

The sentinel2 L1C product was downloaded from "( ", and the data is “S2A_MSIL1C_20180605T031541_N0206_R118_T49SFB_20180605T061459.SAFE”. I preprocessed sentinel 2 L1C by sen2cor in the cmd, and showed “Progress [%]:100.00: application terminated successfully”.

You probably need to install the latest updates.

However, what is the website that the SNAP v6.0.1 can be downloaded. I can only find the SNAP v6.0 from “”.

Hi @marpet. can we open the L2A results in SNAP v6.0 through changing its format? How to change? or Can we open the L2A results one band each time with the projection information? Now, I open one band (T49SFB_20180605T031541_B02_20m.jp2) each time, but the image have not projection informations. Thanks!

Hi @hongfzh, you can make the update of SNAP directly from SNAP desktop v6.0, you don’t need to re-install a new version:
Menu->Tools->Plugins - > Updates