How Can ı Run mt_prep_gamma script in Cygwin for PS/Stamps application? Help please!


Hello, ı need help on running mt_prep_gamma script under Cygwin for PS/Stamps application
my computer working system is windows 64bit and ı try to use Cygwin for PS application

Until now ı follow @bayzidul @FeiLiu @katherine and other guys many posts but ı couldn’t pass a step and ı need help

Until now, ı do first Tops-split and then apply orbit file (1 by 1) and then ı creat a stack while using S1-TOPS Back geocoding, and then deburst later spatial supset, and then ı do interferogram formation like @FeiLiu posted (ı did topographic phase removal like below)

and then ı exported 2 results (subset_stack_deb and subset_stack_deb_ifg) to StaMPS
And then ı got 4 files (dem, diff0, geo, rslc)
when ı look at the geo files ı can see the master date lat and lon files just like @FeiLiu posted ( , ,20170501.lon ,20170501.lon.par ) and then
ı renamed the scripts mt_prep_gamma_snap and ps_load_initial_gamma_snap.m as mt_prep_gamma and ps_load_initial_gamma.m and placed them in to the /bin directory of StaMPS and StaMPS /matlab directory respectively

and then what should ı do after this step ? ı read many Posts in forum but ı didn’t understand what ı should exactly do after this step
ı mean how can ı run the mt_prep_gamma script while using Cygwin ?
can you explain me this detailly ?

thank you very much


mt_prep_gamma_snap starts to identify the pixels which are candidates for persistent scatterers based on your amplitude dispersion threshold. You simply navigate to the INSAR_master_date folder and type it in. (Chapter 6)

To be honest, I didn’t get it to work under cygwin because there are many syntax differences which might cause problems. Please have a look at our overview topic: About the STaMPS category and go through the discussions on the problem. There were some who managed to do it.

How to prepare Sentinel-1 images stack for PSI/SBAS in SNAP
How to prepare Sentinel-1 images stack for PSI/SBAS in SNAP

Thank you so much for the answer @ABraun
I already know this topic and ı check it before
Now ı have just installed linux to my computer and ı try to do it on linux system after seing similar comments about errors because of using cygwin and windows
If ı can not do the last step again then some help can be good :slight_smile:
thank you again


Hi guys, I have a quastion, pls tell me why when I type mt_prep 0.4 3 2
… in matlab(in insar_master_data location), it doesnt run!!! And give me error such as undefiend variable!!


Hi firat
I have problems like you. Have you fix it and continue do it? Could you share your experience with me?