How to export Chl as a single tiff from C2RCC result?

Hello everyone,
I am a newbie in remote sensing and Snap use and these are my first steps on this forum, so please apologize if my question seems stupid…
I would like export the chlorophyll concentration band of a C2RCC result to a single-band raster, in order to use it in a GIS sotware (ArcGis). But how can I do to keep the right values of pixels ? I can’t open de Beam-Dimap product in ENVI and when I try to export just the Conc_Chl band from C2RCC result to GeoTiff, I can’t retrieve the right values of Chla…

Thank you very much for helping such a dummy like me !

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Please take a look at the end of this post, the value shouldn’t be changed while open in QGIS, for instance,

Extract image,

Source of the post

@falahfakhri I think this topic is not related to the question. The problem here is that the output of C2RCC is not written into a permanent raster in the first place.
The v means this product is virutal only


To open it in QGIS, right-click the band and select “Convert band”, then Menu > File > Save product. The raster is then physically written on your hard drive. You find it in the .data folder of your working directory as “conc_chl.img”.

You can directly open it in ArcGIS.


Thanks @ABraun I have mentioned the wrong post, but I edited it, I’m using my phone because I’m out, but yes, as you said many rasters products in SNAP, need to be saved to be written physically on the hard, I meant the *.image could be opened in any other software . Thanks @ABraun to bring my consideration to the issue.

no worries, we all have been in such a situation :slight_smile:

Thank you very much Andreas and Falah ! You really helped me ! Thanks to you I will be much more efficient in this work !

Hi ABraun,

Can we do it for all scenes using batch proessing? it is difficult to open all the scenes in SNAP and then export the conc_ch.img band to folder.

Hello ABraun

I tried to repeat the same steps to export conc_chl but “Convert band” is not activated at me

Thanks a lot


Then you don’t need this step. As long as the product is there, you can use it.

Go to File → Export → GeoTiff (NOT! Geotiff/Big Tiff). In the dialog, that opens click Subset → Band.

Thank you so much, it works with me, but when I opened it in arc I got this message. so I projected it and exported it again. But I think reprojection made little shift. Is there correct?.

Thank you so much, it works with me..


I tryed to export conc_chl.img this way but the results are not what expected.

How it is possible to resolve this problem?

Thanks in advance.

Why are they not as expected? Looks like valid data to me.