How to get a chlorophyll-a product without sunglint?


I’ve got a problem when i try to get chlorophyll-a distribution. I use C2RCC Processor but i still get strips. I learn that it is sunglint and Sen2coral Processor can help to remove strips.

However i can not sure what order should i take to operate with C2RCC and Sen2coral, or is there other solutions to remove strips, can anybody help me? What i used is a S2A_MSIL1C product.

I am really appreciated!


Haha, i am still have the problem , if there is anybody can help me? thanks a lot :smiley:

the strip is like this:

Could you give me the name of the product?

hi, abruescas
thanks for your reply
the name of the product is : S2A MSIL1C 20180528T021651 N0206 R003 T51QUB 20180528T041157

I processed your product and try to apply some L1 and Idepix flags before processing with C2RCC. The quality did not improve a lot, but it looks better than your scene above. I attach it here. Idepix or C2RCC do not find invalid pixels related to the stripes, so values should be considered right. But I think you should try to compare with in situ data or other satellite products (maybe Landsat can help?) and see if values make sense. I still do not know how homogenise the scene, maybe it is not possible at all. If I find some approach that is worth to try, I will let you know.



Thanks for your advsie. :kissing_heart: