How to import "ESAR_Oberpfaffenhofen_T6" in Polsarpro?


How to import “ESAR_Oberpfaffenhofen_T6” in Polsarpro? (Step by Step)
See the attached picture, Please
(Error: Don’t Forget To Extract Data
Before Running Any Data Process)

As stated in your screenshot, this is not an error but just an advice.

Have a look at the instructions here:

Do you have SLC format polarimetric data (for test)?
Could you give me the datasets

you can download ALOS SLC polarimetric data here:

hello,do you know how to import"ESAR_Oberpfaffenhofen_T6" in Polsarpro now?

can you please please post a link to the data?

sorry, want to import the second image of E-SAR,which is named “6x6 Coherence matrix [T6] without header: 1300 rows x 1200 cols”.But POLSARPRO cannot import T6.

the page seems unavailable - can you please double-check it?
Edit: Got it, this is the correct page:

works fine to me:

You have to import it as a dual dataset:

omg,i see.Thank you so much! I always thought it is single dataset…Thank you.


I am looking for the E-SAR Oberpfaffenhofen dataset. Unfortunately, the dataset is apparently no longer available at the previously posted link. Does anyone know if and where you can currently download the dataset?