Help installing PolSARpro software step by step on detailed on the windows 7 system

Dear friends,
I am installing PolSARpro software to Sentinel-1 images processing but “error”. I download on the ESA package PolSAR including:

I don’t know where to start. When test install finish and open PolSAR working, its error "pdf reader application not liked with PolSAR pro,…
Who installed and used to help me!
Many thanks!

PolSARpro needs some other programs to run correctly.
These are any pdf reader, gimp for viewing images and the others for some external applications.

You need to tell PolSAR pro where these progams are installed. You are even asked if you want to set the link manually:

So you hit “Yes” and select the exe file that is searched for. This depends on where your PDF reader is installed or gimp or TCL or Image Magick (all included in the downloader).

You can select the corresponding exe files in the subsequend dialogue, the line above tells you which files (only one of them) to search:

Hit “Save & Exit” afterwards and the programs are linked. You can theoretically also skip this step but will miss functionalities, such as viewing the images (gimp) or the manual (with adobe).

Please note that instead of installing the Sentinel toolbox you can directly link to your latest snap version.

Edit: There is version 5.1 now available. Could be a good choice to use the latest version. It allows to reset those links in case you made a mistake.

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Thanks ABraun. I’ve followed your instructions and have successfully. But, I didn’t open Sentinel-1 images. Can you guide me how to open a Sentinel-1 image for processing? Maybe I did not do it right.
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It’s the same as the other sensors, you just have to follow the manual.

First define the folder:

Select “Save and exit” and proceed with “No” if you are asked if you want to change the folder.

Then, use the S1 import, depending on if you have unzipped your data or not. (unzipped in my case)

Select a swath and hit “Ok” next to it, let PolSARpro create a working folder if asked for

Then proceed with “OK” at the bottom.

Then Extract your data into an file

Select your directory and plot your data:

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Which version do you use? U would strongly suggest 5.1 ( as it solves several issues we had before when using Sentinel-1 data.

I am just exploring the new version - love it!

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In this step. I don’t I do not see the display as you are at the bottom of the table

More question is. I want open GRD product of Sentinel to processing. How to step?

You should see the lower parts filled after you click “OK” next to the Swath selection.

GRD means ground range detected. That means no phase information is contained in this product level because it no longer consists of real and imaginary (i+q) parts of the SAR image. You need to download the SLC images.

Please see here:

Edit: Obviously, some of the GRD data are supported (ALOS L1.5, for example), but I have no experience with that and some polarimetric analyses cannot be performed with GRD.

Help me ABraun! I did go to work again and again and still getting this error when opening Sentinel-1 SLC image.


Please read the manual. Or at least the message that is displayed…

As stated in the window, this is only an ‘advice’ - it is no error. That just means that after importing you need to save the data into a PolSARpro internal format (what they call to “extract data”). I even included this step in the post above:

Why should I help you with these screenshots if you don’t read them? :slight_smile:

PolSARpro has its own rules and it’s not always easy to use. But there are plenty of tutorials and manuals on it. You just have to use them. Don’t just press random buttons, try to understand what is needed for each step.

Sorry for silly questions. I did and not be. So you have to get help from you to solve that problem. Sorry for bothering you so much. I will try not to ask you the same questions. Many thank!

Don’t worry - it’s not about good or stupid questions.
Just don’t expect to get into these topics and programs within a few hours - that takes time.

And use the things you already have :+1:

Can some one help me in making zones in H-alpha Plane Plot in Polsar Pro. I have made plot using scatter plot in Polsar Pro but wondering how can I draw zones.
I want to do it like pic which is attached

hi i have a very bad problem , i have a project in that needs to polsar version 5 and i can’t to find a link or site to download that in esa there is no any link now cause they are updating and uploading new version of polsar… i need the package of polsarpro 5 quickly… so can you please share that or a link for downloading that to me…
my email id is

Hi, i have a problem. I have done the windows 10 updated, unfortunately my polsarpro can not open anymore. Anyone can help?error

I suggest to uninstall PolSARpro and Magicsplat Tcl/Tk, then re-install both (first TCL, then PolSARpro) with admin privilleges.

I did it, but somehow the problem still happens. Any other suggestion?

hello, I have same problem and still didn’t got solution. If you have solved it please inform me about the procedure.

I have same problem. Can you help me please??

I’m afraid I can only repeat this.