I cant see "KEEP SOURCE PRODUCT NAME" in Batch Processing

Hello, when I use Batch Processing I dont have the option to mark the cell “Keep Source Product Name” I recently dowload SNAP version 8.0.0, After I was using the virtual machine but now is not available.
Someboby can tell what can i do?

This has been asked several times already.
Search results for ‘Keep Source Product Name’ - STEP Forum (esa.int)
Unfortunately, there was no response from the devs yet.

@lveci Can you react on this?

Meanwhile I’ve created a ticktet for this issue:
[SNAP-1415] Batch processing is missing “Keep Source Product Name” option - JIRA (atlassian.net)

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I see that your ticket was created in March 2021. Thought I would update - the issue remains in a most recent download. I hope that this can be repaired - it is described in the tutorials (Tutorials – STEP) and makes it very difficult to batch process without this radio button option. I’ve read that there is a Python work around - wondering if someone could provide a link to a description of the script with instructions on how to do this, if this has been done?
Thank you

Have you tried this one? Batch Processing - wrong name - #4 by Teracotta
If that does not work, you can modify your xml as described here: GraphBuilder overwriting output file - #20 by hamego

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Yes. it’s true. The ticket is still open.
@lveci Can you check if this can be easily fixed?

I ran a batch last night. The suggestion that ABraun linked me too above, it addressed my problem. A few more issues came up in the process and I’m looking into these now, but typing “target” into the write file tab works.

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