IDE Setup NetBeans

Hi everybody,

I’m new with NetBeans. I downloaded the code of SNAP from guitHub and built it with NetBeans as it is described here :

In the link mentioned above there is a explanation about the IDE Setup with IntelliJ but I couldn’t find anything for NetBeans. Could someone explain me how to do? I really need your help…


Hi there,

I just tried it with NetBeans IDE 8. Open Project snap-engine/pom.xml and then open project snap-desktop/pom.xml. Then select the SNAP Desktop NB Application in the SNAP Desktop Project. Click the Run button in the NetBeans toolbar and wait until it build the sources. Then SNAP Desktop should start.

– Norman

Hi Forman.
Thank you for your reply. It works great! At least Snap is lunched… But now I am facing with the memory error. Let me explain.
Before downloading the code, I tried the software (SENTINEL-1 TOOLBOX 1.1.1) using the .exe. I worked with 500Mo BMP images and it was fine. Someone from the development team told me that you have already worked with 120 000 * 60 000 pxl images and that is actually what I need (work with Giga pexels images up to 30 Go)

Now that I am running SNAP from netbeans, I tried with the same image (500 Mo) and I get this error " Failed to open image view java.lang.out.of.memoryError Java heap space".

So I’m wondering: how the tiled Memory management works (Using JAI planarImage?)? Are the images tiled when there are opened? Would it be better to tile my images before importing them, and this this case how can I tile them in order to load them in a proper way?

Edit : I’ve just tried with 1.5 Go bmp file and it doesn’t work with any of the two versions.