IDEPIX problem_Sen2_problem on target product initialisation_undefined symbol 'B8A_Count'

I want to execute the IDEPIX processor for the resampled mosaiced image which was clipped for my study area using optical> Preprocessing> Masking> IdePix(clouds, land, water…)> IdePix Sentinel-2 MSI. While i am trying to execute it, the following error is occurred.

"A problem occurred the target product processing
Type: Operator Exception
Message: Undefined symbol ‘B8A_Count’

please assist me in this regard
Thanks Hari.

This could refer to incomplete metadata (maybe due to use of a unsuitable image format for the mosaic image) or a problem with the SNAP software.

Please provide enough detail to allow others to reproduce the issue:

From the FAQ:

  • List the exact processing steps needed to recreate the issue

You should mention your OS, SNAP Version, and whether all updates have been applied.

The SNAP version used is SNAP 9.0.0 with all the updates have been applied.
My device specifications are processor: intel i5, speed: 1.60-2.11GHz, Ram: 8GB, system type: 64 bit OS, Windows 10 Home edition.
Also the log file related to the error was attached below.
messages.log.1 (119.1 KB)

Please assist me in this regard.
Thanks Hari.


IdePix wasn’t made to work on mosaicked data but on the original data products.
You can do the classification first and then mosaic the results.
It might work if you remove the valid-pixel expression from the bands which reference the ‘B8A_Count’ and others.