Importing a csv file into SNAP

18.1516827380 -33.3345010010 8
18.1492254045 -33.3578898296 3
18.1484192899 -33.3199816119 6
18.1506802297 -33.3263336583 5
18.1574482240 -33.3766742004 15
18.1419413781 -33.3629960297 10
18.1497574292 -33.3230970197 6
18.1439253008 -33.3450697061 8
18.1438469145 -33.3134043911 7
18.1427287709 -33.3474192762 4
18.1549129622 -33.3673265303 5
18.1419207619 -33.3610032169 2

I have this file in a csv file, which i am trying to import into SNAP.

How the CSV needs to be formatted in order to be imported by SNAP you can have a look into the help.

Follow the link CSV File Convention then you get:

I looked into this and tried formatting the csv but i still could not import the csv.

SNAP 9 Help is not working for some of us, but you can also refer to NASA SeaDAS 8.2.0 Help. Try a search using site: "CSV" "Import".

Note that some tools (e.g., Sen2Coral) require a different “CSV format”.

Please have a look at previous reports of problems importing data in CSV format. If your problem is not covered in previous posts, please provide enough detail to allow others to reproduce your problem (see the FAQ along with the first few lines of the CSV file.