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I am working with 24 Sentinel-1 images. When I apply InSAR Stack Overview to 24 images, SNAP chooses a master image. My master image is different from SNAP’s choice. I am trying to select my master image but it can not be selected. How can I apply this step with my master image?

Or, is there any other programs, web sites doing this? Thank you.

What exactly do you mean of that?

Once you apply InSAR stack overview, the master image will be selected automatically as the first one in the table,

I put master image first row then I click overview and master image is changing automatically.

No, this not the idea of the InSAR stack overview, the idea which is explained in here, is to add your all dataset and then based on the equation is mentioned, master image will be selected,

InSAR Master overview

But, why you didn’t continue in there, you already posted there, under the same topic,

As I understood this post, master image can be selected by manually.

I think in that case, as it is mentioned in the topic, when you’d like to calculate the per. baseline according to the selected master image…

only in the coregistration (or backgeocoding) tool, but not in the InSAR stack overview. It has no product set reader.

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I agree with @ABraun but I think the best way is to use the automatic way is mentioned in here,

InSAR Master overview

Unless you have better knowledge of master image selection, and in this case you don’t need InSAR Master Overview.

Is there any way calculating the baseline in the case of selecting master image I wanted?

The Stack Overview tool provides the temporal and perpendicular baseline between the selected images.

source: Interferometry Tutorial with Radarsat-2

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