Installer for other Unix systems?

Operating System for snap:
There is a download option for UNIX.
This information is not sufficient. The download ist only for LINUX. Other Unix conrtibutions like Solaris at X86 or Sparc are nit working. Are there other downloads available?

That’s true, and we have an issue for it since while.
You can try this archive. It is not really tested. That’s one reason why it is not available on the download page.
You need to have a Java JRE installed. In general it should be detected automatically but maybe in some cases you have to specify the path.
It would be great if you share your experience with the archive. If it’s positive we might put it on the download page too.

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I downloaded file from archive you mentioned. I want to install program on Ubuntu. What I need to do, May you help me please?

You can download the latest version installer from: