Interferogram averaging for DEM generation


Thank you, no problem


Is there a chance to make interferograms out of slave products in a stack?
I made a stack with 1 master and 12 slaves and then made image pairs

But the interferogram operator doesn’t work for the slave-pairs, it generates no output. I tried to rename one of them mst istead of slv08 for instance but this also didn’t bring any change.

I would like to make interferograms of short temporal baselines which are are alreay in the same geometry.


This is something that SNAP does not yet support, but it is a high-priority development in the near future. @mfitrzyk


that would be very nice.
So there is also no workaround at the moment? I tried to split the stack and then stack image pairs manually but they don’t seem to be recognized as an input for the interferogram generation after that.

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