Is there good Sentinel-1 teaching and understanding resources?

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I have two needs for developing my understanding of the Sentinel-1 SAR signal. My own research, and we also are teaching radar remote sensing for Master´s students.
I appreciate a lot the possibility to be able to download GRD Images but I would like to understand how the image is created from the actual radar pulse in the level 0 to level 1 preprocessing.

Does anybody know illustrative resources for self studies or maybe old discussions in this forum?

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I am sure our resident experts in SAR will come to the rescue…

In the meantime can I suggest


I want to highlight the official ESA SAR tutorials: List of new tutorials

Also this one is a great compilation of materials: SAR Handbook: Comprehensive Methodologies for Forest Monitoring and Biomass Estimation

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SAR image focusing is quite a complex subject thanks to the multitude of available algorithms. I would suggest you choose some textboox on the subject and use that a basis to decide whether you want conceptual descriptions or a deep dive into signal processing.

Yes, I know it is very complex. I already gathered some basic knowledge but I am also constantly learning new things. Thank all of you so far for putting all the resources here. I will get back to this thread with more specific questions. At some point I would like to go into the signal processing aswell, because I want to research and teach which features in tree and forest ecosystems drive the signal.

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