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Is it possible to generate a stack of different bands (SigmaHH, SigmaHV, RVI, SigmaHH-HV etc) from the same file in SNAP?

Please Note: I tried using “Collocation” module but that resamples the bands, and orginal output is tempered.

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I’m not sure if I got your right.
Do you want to stack the band in a view, as layers? Then try the layer manager.
You say, you have the bands already in one file, so you don’t want to create a new one.
But if you collocate you have at least two files.
If you have multiple product files then you have to bring them into a common grid.
Collocation is one possible way, or reprojection.
You can use the Band Maths to copy a band from one product to an other. But the products need to be compatible.
From the command line there is the Merge operator available. It can merge compatible products.

Maybe one of the above points answers your question, if not can you elaborate a bit more on your use case please.

Thank You!

I will check the above and then get back to you.

Actually I am having 4 linear bands and 4 db band and one RVI band in a file. Now I want a separate file (stacked) that should include only 4 db bands and one RVI band.

So you want to make a band subset. Try Raster / Subset... from the menu. Select the bands you want to include in your new file.

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