Layover and shadow percentage

i’m in difficult to remove layover and shadow from my image. I’m following this topic:

But, i don’t understand very well. Can I have a simple summary ( i am not very handy).
(I created a layover shadow mask from RD terrain correct.)

furthmore, I’m trying to obtain percentage of layover and shadow zones of this image. Any suggestions?

select the menu Raster----masks------land and sea mask,and then as the graph select use vector as mask,and choose your shadow vector file

thanks for the answer, but my ‘‘layover_shadow_mask’’ there isn’t in the selection ‘‘use vector as mask’’.

my layover and shadow mask was product by using the SAR simulation. (in the question I wrong to write) I can only see it in the folder of bands .

when you do SAR simulation ,you should select like this

yes, i have already done this step.

or you can try this

the Land/Sea mask operator only takes vectors for masking.

If your mask is a raster, you can use the layer manager to mask your data or simply the valid-pixel expression in the band properties.