Linux Installation using StaMPS and S-1 data

@mdelgado @ABraun @thho @CFEgildan71
I have re installed os again and run the stamp and still am unable to get the result

As it remained unanswered so far: Do the folders you have exported from SNAP look alright?

  • geo
  • rslc
  • diff0
  • dem

Their content should look similar as here: Workflow between SNAP and StaMPS

Thanks Dears @ABraun @thho @mdelgado
by downgrading ubuntu 20.04 to 18.04 now it is working

thank you for reporting.

@ABraun stay blessed!

could it be related to the gcc version employed?
Which one you used to compile the code in the stamps/src folder?

@Am not quite sure whether it is related or not…

I found it on CentOS … so this is why I am asking.

@now am simply runing default stamp(1,1) without any command
in which step i should have to insert?
setparm(‘scla_deramp’, ‘y’)

you can set the parameters in the beginning and they apply whenever the corresponding step uses them

Please have a look at this great documentation of all parameters:

Setting the processor to “gamma” does not make sense to me when you prepared the data in SNAP.

@ABraun I have already processsed up to step2 is it needed to go back or inserting the parameter at step 3?

whenever you change a parameter, you have to reprocess all steps which included it.

You can check in the source code where each parameter is used:

as you see in line 121, insar_processor is used in step 1, so if you want to go sure that changes will correctly be applied, you have to run again from step 1.


very good, congratulations on getting through the technical part!

Thanks alot @ABraun… this is the area with out subseting the study area…is there anyway to subset the map in matlab or other mapping softwares?..and i need the result to be in mm/year rather than rad/year what i have to do?

you can define a subset of the created map as described in the manual:

please check the plotting options. You need ps_pot('v-do') for metric results.

@ABraun ps_plot(‘v-d’,1,0,0,[], 0, 0, 0,[], [6.174 6.369], [37.37 38.201],‘ts’)
am not able to subset using this command-line ?

The error refers to your coordinates. Did you enter the longitudes in the first bracket and the latutudes in the second?
Because when I enter the coordinates of your example, I end up in Switzerland, not Indonesia. Try switching the coordinates.

You get the full documentation of all variables at the positions here:


Hello dears i have get a result …using the precious group members thanks a lot… but now i need to export to csv format and i need your consultation