Matlab script for determining vertical displacement from snap-stamps ps_insar ascending and descending data

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multiple topics have already discussed the vertical or 3D displacement from ascending and descending data combination linked to this formula:

vert_disp = (unwrapped phase * wavelenght*cos(rad(incidence angle)))/ (-4pi )

or this formula:

(unwrapped phase * wavelength) / (-4 * PI * rad(cos(incidence angle)))

including these references:

but from all this information i am trying to make a matlab script that will take the time_series as presented in ps_plot(‘v-do’, ‘ts’) of both the ascending and descending image stack to merge these into vertical displacement based on raster operations.

for this i would like to know which files contain the incidence angle per pixel and also the deformation per pixel over all image pairs. the documentation on this is almost not available so i hope any og you can give me a head start on which matlab files to use for this script.

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HI @Gijs

do you have any news about it?

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You can look in the git i mentioned here:

it includes a readme and in the end i used a simple method do calculate the vertical displacement.
The scripts are a mess since they were made on the fly to finish my thesis but i hope you can extract something from it.

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thank you @Gijs - I was not aware of your scripts to convert LOS to vertical displacement.

Did I get it correct that three dates are required 1 ascending and 2 descending?

I am currently not quite sure about what these numbers mean and how the ideal folder structure should look like

Maybe you have an example on the folder structure which underlies the suggested conversion scripts?


for the area i studied (you can read my thesis on it: )

There was 1 ascending track and 2 descending tracks available, so i took the mean displacement of these 3 images for my final results, thats why you see 3 folders. Within these folders there were 2 timeseries of insar images (1 series before the fire and 1 after the fire). I will look into the scripts and see if i can extract the part i used to calculate the vertical displacement and give it to you.

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Hi, sorry for the intrusion.
Did you find the script?