Matrix C2 and T2

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I have a question on the radar polarimetry, precisely on the matrices C2 and T2, which are made for the mode with double polarization
the C2 matrix we can easily generate it in SNAP, I want to know if someone has an idea on the generation of the T2 matrix, or I want their components T11, T12, T21, T22 according to elements of the matrix broadcast,
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In case you are working with Sentinel-1 data, C2 and T2 matrix operators will not give you good results in a polarimetric sense, because they actually combine HH and VV. These are not available for S1 products, only VV/VH or HH/HV.

The concept of dual-polarization to describe scattering mechanisms is not really applicable here, yet SNAP allows to compute them.

This is nicely demonstrated in this article:

Thus, HH-VV SAR is a suitable alternative to full-polarization SAR in certain cases. Meanwhile, the extraction performance of the other two dual-polarization SARs is badly degraded due to the lack of co-polarization. Therefore, HH-HV and HV-VV SARs cannot effectively extract the scattering mechanisms in the H-α plane.

And another explanation: Covariance Matrix C2 for Sentinel-1 --Diagonal Elements

Hello mr andreas braun
I agree with you that double polarizations do not give good results on the diffusion mechanism, which are given by C2
But I do not work on the diffusion mechanism, I work on the physical properties of the soil, for that I seek the matrix T2 which describes the physical and geometric properties of the soil, because T2 and C2 are different in terms of the elements

Then I am not entirely clear about your actual question, sorry.

Ok i will rephrase my question
first of all the article that you give me, it is very interesting, because it gives an idea on the target vectors by which I will find the elements of matrices,
but I want more details on the elements of T2
for example the elements of T3 they are as follows:

and also if there is a method to get it according to SNAP

Currently, only C2 matrix generation is implemented:


T2 is not offered in SNAP and I am not sure if it even exists for cross-pol data (VV/VH)

First of all I thank you Mr Andreas Braun for your effort
T2 is exists for dual polarization SAR data
here in the article that you gave me they gave the method how found it for HH-VV, and they said that the same method we can find T2 for HH-HV and HV-VV.
the question that remains for what is not inserted in SNAP

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