Minimum and optimum hardware requirement for analyzing Radar (Sentinel) data


Hello all,

I am going to buy a new Desktop and kindly need some professional advises regarding to best hardware requirements for analyzing satellite images specially Radar (Sentinel) data without any trouble or time wasting.
(how many GB RAM? What types of processor? What type of graphic card? Which operating system?( Does Snap install under Mac also?)

Would be appreciated to advise me regarding this issue.

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SNAP error : Java heap space

I would recommend 16GB of RAM and a multi-core processor. As most of the time in image processing is used on disk I/O, an SSD-disk improves the performance by a lot. SNAP runs on Windows/Linux/Mac OS.


Hello all, I’m also interested in this topic. I’ll have to work on sentinel1 and sentinel2 images to extract data concerning agricultural indicators and I was wondering which hardware will suits better, still keeping reasonable budgets. I’ve been adviced for the following specs that seems to me a bit too high, but I’m new in these matters and I don’t want to be stucked in the coming years.

RAM between 32 and 64 Gb,
Quad-core processor minimum,
SSD-disk of 1 Tb for calculations,
HD of 10 Tb for storage.

Does someone can give me an advice about it?

Thanks a lot


That sounds quite reasonable. I have 64Gb RAM + a 6-core CPU with hyperthreading and for my SNAP-usage it feels quite fast. RAM is cheap so go for 64Gb IMO.


Hello all!

I am planning to buy a new laptop and I am wondering whether the processor type Intel i5 or i7 matters when using SNAP? For example, i5-8265u vs. i7-8565u. Is it worth spending money on i7 in this case?
I am mainly working with Sentinel-2 images now.

Thanks for answers.


Better processor is never bad, but more RAM would help more when processing SAR data. You should defintly go for 16 GB if not mroe.


Choose SSD for hard drives, anything that improves I/O-speed is very advantageous.


So if to choose whether to buy a laptop with i7+16GB RAM or a laptop with i5+>16GB RAM, the latter one would be better? Just trying to figure out whether to pay for i7 (would it make a difference from i5) or better to invest to more on RAM.


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