Mosaic, multisize mosaic

Unsuccessful completion of multisize mosaic of two adjacent S2 images using Graph Builder. The steps using multisize mosaic and mosaic via pull down menus are successful. When building the processing chain READ>Resample (UTM, WGS84, resolution based on band 2, bands 2,3,4 extracted) for both input images, then add Multisize mosaic the note in red text reads "no converter for value “variables”. then when arrows leading to MSMosaic are applied the red text reads “Error: Index: 0, size 0.” for both input files. If the "*_resampled images are read in using Read (a shorter script) to Multisize Mosaic the same error occurs. These same *_resampled images successfully process when using the pull down menus with either mosaic tool. The Graph Builder does not implement both mosaic tools found on the pull down menus.

We are aware that Multi-size Mosaic operator is currently imcompatible with Graph Builder.
I have added the link of your post to our ongoing investigation task
Meanwhile, you can manually make the graph and run it with gpt, see

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