New release of SNAPHU 1.4.2 is available


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SNAPHU is releasing the new version 1.4.2 available to be downloaded from here. The news of this version is the provide of the installer file. Two-dimensional phase unwrapping is the process of recovering unambiguous phase data from a 2-D array of phase values known only modulo 2pi rad. SNAPHU is an implementation of the Statistical-cost,…


Erorr in snaphu install
NEST ESA and Snaphu integration

that is just great, can’t wait to test it!



Another exciting thing is that Windows-users do not have to deal with Cygwin anymore, as we’ve bundled SNAPHU with MSYS:

Also, we’re working on an external tool adapter so that SNAPHU can be invoked directly from SNAP - stay tuned.



Dear all, I have added the installation file for 32-bit Windows (it was missing in the initial release). The SNAP external tool adapter is in progress. Enjoy it!

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