No Sigma HH BAND

When i running “IEM Multi-Polarization Inversion” I face this problem that no sigma HH band,

i also didn’t find the data which contain HH polarization for my study.
Need your help.

This requires Quad Pol Radarsat-2 SLC data. You are using dual pol S1 data with only VV and VH.

@lveci u mean we cannot use S1 slc Data as input in this operator???
What if if u get quad-pol S1 data…

Sentinel-1 data is only acquired in dual-polarization. Currently, the only SAR sensors acquiring in quad-pol mode are Radarsat-2, ALOS-2 and TanDEM-X.

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Don’t forget the beloved SAOCOM satellite :smiley:

Is it operational yet? I don’t know much about it yet to be honest.

Very few info are delivered. We had a glimpse of the very firsts images (First SAOCOM image published) but difficult to know in which phase they’re in or how to access the data. The satellite launched in early October so we should have some info soon I guess.

My hopes are in the Living Planet Symposium. So we’ll see :slight_smile:

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Thank you! Keep us updated if you learn more on the LPS

I will. Info may be provided the last day of LPS at 9:00 and 9:30 in the Missions and Data Quality sessions

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