No World View tab


watching and following a few tutorials, I liked to make use of the World View tab, but are not able to find it. Unlike several other tabs/tool windows (e.g. Navigation, Colour Manipulation, World Map) I can not find this one in View -> Tool Windows. Nor was I able to find it anywhere else. Any hints where it hides?

I am using SNAP 6.0 on Windows7. I had all toolboxes installed, but deactivated everything non-S2 and -S3.

Once at it, what is the difference between World Map and World View? I’ve seen both tool windows open simultaneously in the tutorials. What I read here in the forum, World View was mostly used to locate the product in a wider geographical context. But that can as well be done with the World Map. Does the View maybe provide higher resolution?

Last, but not least, I’d like to support what others pointed out in the video tutorial comments: It would be terribly great to have these contents also available in written (and searchable) form, even transcripts would help. Following the tutorials in one’s own pace is a pain in the a**. Even worse when one is looking for something specific one has heard there.

Is it available in the options?

Maybe you select “use flat earth projection” to see if it changes.

World Map is rectangular

while World View is Earth shaped

No, it isn’t :frowning:

i see :bulb: thanks!

If World View is not shown then there is either something wrong with you SNAP installation or with you 3D graphics driver.
Can you attach the log file, please? You can find it by selecting from the menu Help / Show Log Directory. Attach the messages.log file.

That’s true. That’s why we kept the videos short. But you are right. It would be good to have the tutorials in a textual form, too. I’ve put it a ticket in our issue tracker

attached.messages.log (179.7 KB)

:+1: that’s well appreciated!

Either you have disabled the Nasa World Wind in the past our something went wrong during the last update.

Have you done something of what I wrote here:

Do you have the file org-esa-snap-snap-worldwind.jar in your installation directory?

Waht might help is to remove recent updates and and install the updates again.
If described it here:

Either is possible :see_no_evil: If disabled, how/where can I re-enable it?

I haven’t done anything of what was discussed in the linked topic. Do you suggest to do so? (Or or you just trying to find out what i did so far to cause this?)

I have a org-esa-snap-snap-worldwind.jar in C:\Program Files\snap\snap\modules as well as in C:\Users<username>\AppData\Roaming\SNAP\modules (the latter is where %appdata%/SNAP is pointing to). Which of them do you mean (they are obviously not pointing to the same physical memory; their contents are somewhat different)?

To make sure, I understand correctly: I remove recent updates by deleting the modules folder in %appdata%/SNAP (i’m on windows). Is that correct?

Well, … it is available now. What I did, and I suspect did the trick, is to re-activate the Sentinel-1 toolbox. Can it be that easy? :crazy_face: Does not sound like a very consistent and reasonable behaviour :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

Strange, actually there is no dependency from the World View to the S1TBX.

Yes, I mean the C:\Users<username>\AppData\Roaming\SNAP\modules also the updates and update_tracking can be deleted. This might fix the missing help content, too.

Yeah, I guess, de- & re-install (updates. or the whole package) is the way to go…

Out of curiosity, I played around a bit more with de- and re-activating (not installing!) modules via the Plugins interface. I do constantly have the World View now (note it in the pic below!). However, now when de-activating S-1 toolbox, I can’t image any images anymore. Not individual bands , nor RGBs. :open_mouth: And no World Map either. :rofl: As soon as I re-activate S1tbx & restart SNAP, all is good again :thinking:

Maybe something wrong with the Plugins interface/manager?
As mentioned (did I?), I first installed the whole toolbox set (even incl. SMOS), later decided I do not really need the radar stuff for now & de-activated those modules via the Plugins interface.

I cannot reproduce this error.
Can you attach the log file, please? You can find it by selecting from the menu Help / Show Log Directory. Make sure to reproduce the error first and then attach the messages.log file.

Removing and reinstalling the updates didn’t help, so I finally went for a complete SNAP removal and new installation. Now things work fine - world view tab there, help with a lot more content, even gpt working (hadn’t progressed to report that yet before).

Since all is nice now, I hesitate to fumble more and maybe break it again :wink:

However, along the way i picked up some hints that it is indeed de-activation of S1tbx that causes trouble.

  1. when trying to open a RGB image, a different error message than the single-band image one in the scrrenshot. somewhere in there, a ‘s1btx’ occured (unfortunately I neither realised before that screenshot message is different nor kept the error logs).

  2. When re-installing updates, I recognised that if the S1tbx is deactivated, a World Wind (the plugin/module providing the World View) update was offered explicitly, while with S1tbx activated this disappeared from the list (in that case, it was implicitly included in the S1tbx update).
    I guess, somewhere between updating and de-/re-activating modules, my Snap installation hiccupped, and later snapped (no pun intended :sunglasses:) back again with another S1tbx re-activation.

  3. when freshly installing SNAP, one is offered a selection window which toolbox modules to install. there, one can deselect S2tbx and S3tbx, but not S1tbx.

That is, S1tbx seems a bit more basic/core than the other two and is needed even for a base installation. From my experience, later de-activation is not recommended. Maybe that should be made impossible in the Plugin interface, too?

Ok, I hope that is my last post about installing trouble :crossed_fingers: