NovaSAR Reader available

Dear SAR-Guys,

on September 15th the NovaSAR-S satellite is scheduled for its launch into space.
Even it might take a while till the data will be available, the reader is already present.
Airbus has provided the core code for reading the data, which was turned into a plugin for SNAP. So it was a small but nice collaborative work.
Thanks again to Martin Cohen and his colleagues for providing the code.

If you want to know more about NovaSAR, please have a look at the
The plugin can be installed via the Plugin Manager (Tools / Plugins).


Great - thank you!

The fact that Airbus provided the codes for it is a good sign that SNAP established as a central software for current and upcoming satellite missions.

Does anyone know something about the future data availability? I hope there will be a call for proposals for scientific access to some quota.

Excellent, many thanks for Airbus and everyone else involved from my part as well!

It’s nice to have the reader for NovaSAR-S. Will data be openly available through CSIRO and commercial elsewhere? How will it be maintained? Should it be merged into S1TBX so that changes to the core will be passed on to this module?


I have no info about data availability. But I can try to find it out.

Regarding the merge into s1tbx and the maintenance. I think it is also good to have community plugins. This shows that there is a vital community. Not everything needs to be merged into a toolbox.
If the SNAP core code changes the plugin will be updated, of course.

Absolutely brilliant, Marco, thank you for spreading this valuable information.
Thanks to the developers (SNAP/Airbus etc). We will be prime users of this plugin.


I’ve now got news on the data availability. I simply quote from the email I’ve got:

Following commissioning of the satellite, SSTL will commence its seven-year mission to provide S-BAND SAR acquisition data to its Mission Partners, targeted to start Q2 2019.

Requests for access to the data should be made to the appropriate mission partner. Currently the following national agencies are confirmed partners, UKSA, CSIRO, ISRO and discussions continue with other potential partners. SSTL will confirm via press release as new partners are welcomed to the mission.

SSTL would like to see maximum exploitation of the mission and will encourage the mission partners to make the data as widely accessible as possible.


Congratulation guys, that’s a nice new feature. Will something similar happen for SAOCOM, which seems to finally be launched 7th of October?

I haven’t heard about SAOCOM yet. So I think it will not come.
Maybe someone wants to provide a reader plugin for SNAP for this data?

Yes, SAOCOM, RCM, RISAT, PAZ, and Kompsat-5 support are coming.


for PAZ I expect a twin of the TerraSAR-X reader, am I right? :wink:

Meanwhile there are first images available. Only images and not data to work with, but looks good.


You can replace the letters PAZ by TSX in the xml file and the data will successfully be read and InSAR can be applied.

Yes, thanks! I knew the trick.
Had you got already any sample image to play with?
If so, is there any official procedure to get data for scientific purposes?


PAZ is still in its Commissioning Phase. Science agreements are being

We will be commercialising the data at a later stage and have already received
some validation data sets which we are currently testing.

Preliminary results are very promising.

I am eager to see the data and when possible, to start playing with it!

Who is ‘we’ when you say “We” will be commercialising the data? Would it be any open call for scientific use as for TSX?

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For PAZ, are there any other changes to the product other than the prefix? Is there a product specification available?

Hi folks, Novasat-1 data is availble now through I wondered if the related SNAP plugin will be available soon? My SNAP is up-to-date with version 8.0.5, and I don’t seems to see any NovaSAR-1 Product Reader in the data import list as mentioned here NovaSAR-1 User Guide – CSIRO Centre for Earth Observation.

It is available. You have to enable the community plugin repository first.

If you set this to active you the plugin will be listed

Hi Marco, many thanks for the prompt reply! I found it =D