OLCI L1B reproject artifacts (with PixelGeocoding)


I’ve seen a number of older post regarding OLCI reprojection issues with pixel pixelGeoCoding, but could not determine if they were thought to be resolved or not.

I’m using the latest SNAP 6 and getting artifacts when reprojecting and cropping OLCI S3A and S3B L1B when pixelGeoCoding is on (see first image below). These occur at the top or bottom edge of the granule.
The output looks fine using tie point geocoding, but the navigation is poor (especially s3b).

gpt command (xml attached):
gpt -c 7G -Ds3tbx.reader.olci.pixelGeoCoding=true ray_graph_GMNE3_reproj.xml -t sentinel-3a.2019198.0717.161124S.L3.GMNE3.E60_1_reproj.tif -f GeoTIFF -Ssource=/data/OLCI/ESA_L1_data/S3A_OL_1_EFR____20190717T161125_20190717T161425_20190717T182405_0180_047_097_2340_MAR_O_NR_002.SEN3/xfdumanifest.xml

And if i try to spatially subset the L1B (to extent of the output raster) prior to the reprojection, i get weird areas of NaNs in addition to the artifacts at the edge (second image below).

Thanks for your help.

ray_graph_GMNE3_reproj.xml (1.3 KB)

Result: reproject

Result: subset and reproject