OLCI Level1B camera interfaces

I am looking into OLCI Level1B (EFR) data.

Is there a way I can trace which pixels come from which of the five OLCI cameras? Should I look at the ‘detector_index’? And if so, what ranges belong to which camera?

Thank you!

Yes, in theorie the detector indicies should be mappable to the cameras.
One camera has 780 detectors, but I think only 740 are used. Maybe there is an overlap.
I’m not aware of information about how the detectors of the cameras are used.
Maybe someone else knows it?

I just got the answer.

You can compute the camera by the equation.

cam = floor(det_idx / N_DET_CAM) + 1           

det_idx is the value of the detector_index band
N_DET_CAM is 740

OK, thanks!